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Rozanne Gates
Suzanne Sheridan

This IS the SUV song...
heard on CNN 8-31-07!!!

CNN's Jeanne Moos has the top ten reasons people don't want to give up their SUVs. Watch the video on...

"Your website and song are awesome! Thank you so much for capturing the essence of a suburban housewife in their monster SUV's! My favorite line, though, has to be 'kids in the backseat, watchin their little tv!' Ha! Great attention to detail! Thank you, and I can't wait to see who you peg in future songs!"
- Justin

Even the comic pages are talking about 90 pound women and their SUV's! See th cartoon in this July 26 blog.

The Official Website of 90 Pound Suburban Housewife Drivin' in Her S.U.V.

It's fun and fanciful! It makes you smile every time...
so true, it's scary. -- Jose Feliciano, singer & guitarist

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n January 14, 2006 "90 Pound Suburban Housewife Drivin' in Her SUV" was played on NPR's Car Talk. The song hit a chord with drivers, especially those who feel they know or at least had a close call with the driver who is the subject of the song.
ar talk forwarded a whole slew of e-mail to Gates about their song all with a similar 'I know that woman!' theme and 'this is the best song'." [Fairfield County Weekly, Mar. 9, 2006]

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Words and Music by
Rozanne Gates and
Suzanne Sheridan
© 2002

Good morning, America!
Are you anywhere near a parking lot?

Let me warn you right now
You're in for a war
There's someone a waitin'
To take your parkin' spot
She's hell on wheels
She's the new big deal
She's America's true sweetheart

Oh, she's a...

90 pound suburban housewife
Drivin' in her SUV
Talkin' on her cell phone
Oblivious to you and me
Kids in the back seat watchin' the
little T.V.
She's a 90 pound suburban housewife
driving in her SUV.

There I was a-drivin' down U.S. High-
way One
In my little Corolla
Enjoyin' the noon day sun
Then all of a sudden
I heard her engine roar
With rhino bars scarin' little cars
Goin' to the grocery stores.

Oh, she's a...


She may be your neighbor
She may be your wife
She may be your mother for the
rest of your life
But one thing's for certain, I think
you'll all agree
With tons of steel and 4 big wheels
She'll be drivin' like an S.O.B.

Oh, she's a...


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